Chason Affinity Companies is headquartered in Buffalo, New York

Chason Affinity Companies

The primary strength of Chason Affinity Companies is the widespread collective experience it offers to all properties, projects, and partners. Be it through student housing, affordable housing, conventional residences, land development, construction, sales, or rehabilitation; the ability to overcome obstacles and deliver value in the face of adversity is a key component to our business model.

Chason Affinity Companies is an established leader in the fields of land development, finance, property management, and real estate. Our portfolio includes properties and investments throughout New York State, The Mid-Atlantic region and the Southwestern United States.

“At Chason Affinity it is our passion and privilege to develop new buildings, tackle difficult projects, breathe life into aging structures, and improve local neighborhoods one property at a time.”

-Executive Officer

Chason Affinity Companies

Chason Affinity Companies has undertaken a series of conventional housing developments consisting of new construction, rehabilitation, acquisition and sales of existing apartment buildings, as well as new build condominiums, and single family residences.

Chason Affinity is well-versed in the process of rehabilitation, having completed several notable projects throughout the Northeastern United States. As part of this rehabilitation work, each of the individual properties received extensive renovations, structural upgrades, and alterations to accommodate accessibility, health, and safety code considerations.

Development of off-campus student housing is a growing segment of the Chason Affinity Companies portfolio. Our student housing properties provide residents with a hybrid of both student and apartment living.

Chason Affinity Companies has been developing affordable housing solutions for well over a century. We plan to continue to effectively execute across multiple development platforms.

Conventional Apartments

Student Housing

Affordable Apartment Communities

New Construction & Rehabilitation

Real Estate Development & Property Management

Residential  & Residential Affordable Property Management

The Chason Affinity Companies property management team is currently overseeing 3,700 diverse residential property units located throughout New York State.


Our experienced team of management professionals is well equipped to deal with the challenges of  an ever-changing housing market through strong rental criteria, effective community partnerships, and constant site maintenance and improvements.

Our management team doesn't just responsibly manage properties to maintain status quo. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of properties by meeting new challenges in the market. Our staff is an integral part of leading a property through positive change.

“Chason Affinity is an experienced, family company with a storied past and an even brighter future. It is truly an organization that I am proud to be involved in”

-Management Team Member

Chason Affinity Companies

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